The Strohmer Family – Hoteliers with Heart and Soul

The head of the family, Mr. Josef Strohmer, was born in Kautzen (Austria) in March 1895. He started the tourism career of the Strohmer family. From 1932 he managed Hotel Europa in Opatija in Istria together with his cousin Julia Bartha for 15 years. Opatija (Abbazia) was then still part of Italy, and is now part of Croatia.

In 1950 the Strohmer family purchased the historic Hotel Europa Splendid in Merano and thereby contributed to the future touristic development of this beautiful city in South Tyrol. After huge renovation works at Hotel Splendid Merano, its architectonic liberty style was even further emphasised. Today, the hotel is managed by Alfredo Strohmer and his son Alfred. Since 2019, the hotel has joined the list of 4-star hotels in Merano.

In 1983, the family acquired Hotel Westend, a beautiful liberty-style villa dating back to 1890, which was planned by the renowned architect Pietro Delugan. Villa Westend, today's one of the more comfortable hotel in Merano, is not only a proof of the architects' skill, but also one of the most beautiful buildings in Merano. The 3-star Hotel Westend is managed by Magdalena Strohmer and her son Alexander.

In 2002 the Strohmer family purchased Hotel Garni Aster, a small building dating back to the 70ies and located in a quiet residential area only 2 km from the old town of Merano. Hotel Garni Aster is managed by Gabi Strohmer and her husband Luigi Sommese.

At the end of 2009 Alfred Strohmer and his partner Jutta purchased Café Imperial, which they soon turned into a prestigious and modern 4-star hotel: Imperial Art Hotel. A hotel with a completely innovative concept with different room categories of various designs, whereby the rooms were designed by some of the most renowned artists from Merano. Hence, this Art Design Hotel can be considered the last jewel of the Strohmer family.

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